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 Going "friends only" with personal posts as of now just in case my family stumble upon this.

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Humble brag

My weekend was better than your weekend.

Any poker fans out there?

I totally gave a shoulder massage to Daniel Negreanu yesterday. Then he gave me a hug.

Oh, and D's brother came 25th out of 405 people at the WSOP APAC tournament held in Melbourne this week.

Such a great weekend! Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?


Packing is the blurst of times.

Especially when you've been battling a sore throat all week.

And your girlfriend has come down with a full-on cold.

And if it's because you're being kicked out of your apartment of 6 years because your tight-arse landlord wants to sell.

Although the new place is pretty and shiny and has aircon and a dishwasher.

But packing, blergh.

Hope I didn't oops this up

Just went on a major defriending spree on old journals and communities. As I'm not the wellest of the well today, I may have accidently unfriended someone I shouldn't have. If that was you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

If only I could housekeep this effectively in my own apartment!

100 Things I'm Grateful for #97 - NKOTBSB

On Saturday night, I fulfilled a childhood dream; I got to see New Kids On The Block in concert! And OMG, it was SO worth the wait! Ever since I'd heard "You Got It (the Right Stuff)" way back when I was 11 years old, I was in love with them. Well, in love with Donnie. I listened to the Hangin' Tough cassette tape until it was worn out and I was the coolest kid ever because I knew all of the songs and had posters up everywhere on my side of the wardrobe door. When they released the next album, I was WAY too cool to like them anymore. But my neighbour wasn't, and if we just happened to listen to it a lot when I went over to hang out... it would have been rude of me to suggest something else, right?

My little sis knew a lot of NKOTB stuff from sharing a bedroom with me our entire childhood, and returned the favour during her obsession with Backstreet Boys. So when the NKOTBSB concert was announced to be touring Australia, we jumped on it. Our older sister was also super keen to go ("I don't care if we get the $99 or $150 tickets, as long as we're there!") so we had a really great sisters night out!

NKOTB were as good as I hoped they'd be. Cheesey, crappy dance moves, and a ton of fun! They played all the songs I wanted them to, and seemed to be having a great time up there! Donnie is just as good looking as ever, and holy crap Jordan got hot!

BSB (now minus Kevin) were also pretty entertaining, although Nick certainly came across as a substance fueled douche. But again, they played my favourite songs of theirs and seemed to be having fun.

And with 10,000 screaming females in the place, I've never been to a gig with better atmosphere. We were all there reliving our youth, singing along to never-forgotten lyrics, dancing in our seats. For the entertainment factor alone, it was one of the greatest concerts ever.

Now, if only my ears would stop ringing.


100 Things I'm Grateful For #98 - Zoloft

Zoloft is something of a new reason to be grateful, and that gratefulness is a bit of a double edged sword. On the down side, it’s an anti-depressant prescribed to me to curb my anxiety. On the upside, I haven’t had a panic attack since I’ve been on them. Considering I had around 10 of them in March, that is definitely a win.

When I went through 6 months of depression in 2010, I fought tooth and nail against being put on meds, wanting to get over it on my own because I didn’t want to be reliant on them. In hindsight, I probably should have been on them. When they were suggested this time around, it was almost a relief because the anxiety, the headaches, the aching muscles, the lethargy, the panic attacks – they were all too hard to sustain.

Now that the side effects have subsided, I’m feeling more like myself. My energy levels are still taking a beating and I wake up tired every day, but this tiny little drug has made such a difference and I’m so thankful for its availability. If not for Zoloft I’d probably be in hospital right now. Still keen to be off them as soon as I can be (hopefully sometime this year), but for now, I’m happy to take it.


Growing up in country Victoria, I always knew that I would eventually end up living in Melbourne. During my teen years, I made all of these plans of the things I would do when I eventually got there. One of the top things on the list was going to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They would play the charity gala night every year on television, and my sister and I would record it so we could watch it over, and over, and over again.

When I moved to Melbourne in 2000, I made sure I attended a show at the 2001 Comedy Festival. I popped my MICF cherry on a show that came highly recommended by a work colleague; Dave Gorman’s Are You Dave Gorman?. It really was hilarious and from that point on I was addicted! The following year I finally made it to the Gala that they show on television, sitting in the second row, and walking out of the theatre with sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

I’ve tried to go every year since then, and to at least two shows. 2006 was the only year I missed, and that was due to a mixture of it being an international-lite line-up, and saving for our impending Canada/Vegas trip.

Out of all the comedians I’ve seen, Dave Gorman still ranks number one, and we’ve since seen his "Googlewhack Adventure" and "PowerPoint Presentation"; both extremely entertaining if not slightly inferior to the first show we saw. Other favourites have included (in order) Maria Bamford, Mike Wilmott, David O’Doherty, Steve Hughes, Lee Mack and Felicity Ward. If any of these comedians are playing near you. I recommend them! Whatever you do, don’t take your mother to Mike Wilmott! He is the filthiest, most crass comedian (NSFW) I’ve ever seen (twice!).

The only disappointing act has been the much-acclaimed Daniel Kitson, a British comic. He has been raved about for years, and I've generally enjoyed his stand up on the Gala, but when we saw him it was a big fat disappointment. Most festival shows went for an hour. His went for 1.5. It felt like a hostage situation in the end. It’s as if he was so sick of his own material that in the middle of one of his stories he’d try and get the audience to ask him a question. Thing is, when he actually told his stories he was quite funny. But not when he kept interrupting the flow of them by getting us to ask questions. At one point, a question asked by the audience member was “can we get our money back”. So he went and got $40 off his assistant and told that guy and his girlfriend to leave. D leaned in and whispered “can we get ours back too?”. If we could have left inconspicuously (he was talking to the few people who were leaving early) we would have. We will never pay money to see him again.

On the upside, due to that colossal disappointment, we booked Maria Bamford, and she had one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen!

I'm lucky enough to live in the world’s most liveable city , but I don't think that Melbourne looks any better than on a crisp autumn day. I live in a beautiful tree-lined street, leaves as big as your open hand turning from green to a sea of orange, yellow and brown. Days are still beautiful; crisp mornings, sunny afternoons, and cool nights - bliss!


100 Things!

I saw this on the LJ of munibunny and thought it was a great idea! I've been so focussed on my health and the negative stuff lately, and I've been terrible at doing any form of writing, and I thought this could be just what I needed!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So the topic I've decided to tackle is "100 Things I Am Grateful For". Here’s hoping I don’t give up after 10 entries :).